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Knotworks Massage & Bodywork

Mind and Body Qigong

Aromatherapy Swedish Massage

Increase circulation, reduce stress and restore energy and balance to your body with a relaxing Swedish massage.

1hr $50

90min $75

Knotworks also offers Prenatal Massage for the same listed price as our Aromatherapy Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Increase Release of deep muscle tension, adhesions and increase the release of lactic acid in the muscles with a deep tissue myofascial release massage

1hr $50

Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage

Rejuvenate your body and soul with this deep heating relaxing massage using handpicked Basalt stones heated to perfection. This treatment is great for reducing stress and for restoring balance. Hot stones are placed on key energy points on the body to help relieve pain and stress.

1hr $60

90min $90

30min Hot Stone Facial Massage $30

*This treatment is by appointment only, due to heating time, walk-in hot stone treatments are not available. Please allow 2hrs notice for same day treatment.

Aromatherapy Facial Massage

Enjoy the luxury and pampering of the ages. Relax and soothe facial muscles while deep cleaning and hydrating your skin. Our aromatherapy facial massage includes neck and scalp massage and hot towel treatment. This treatment is for everyone, but is a particular favorite with the ladies.

1hr $50

Head and Neck Massage

Let us melt the tension away with this specialized treatment concentrating on the head, neck and scalp. Enjoy our aromatherapy massage designed to help improve circulation, reduce head and neck tension and clear the hair follicles of dead skin cells. This treatment includes massage with warm oils and our hot towel treatment. This treatment is for everyone, but is a particular favorite with the gentlemen.

1hr $40

Hands and Feet Treatment

Tired hands and feet can make any day seem longer. Let us give you new life and energy with our hand and foot treatment. Enjoy a revitalizing sea salt glow to improve circulation before enjoying a warm lotion foot and lower leg massage. Our hand treatment includes a sea salt glow, paraffin dip, and lotion massage to bring tired hands back to life.

1hr $50


Qigong is a 5000 year old energy art for strengthening the flow of life force & improving health. Its recent surge in popularity has been a result of Qigong’s fun and dynamic movements of practice. Magnetic energy fields are formed and created in a slow graceful manner. The Qi (life force) literally throbs and pulsates in your hands. Some say it’s the most tangible experience of the spiritual life force energy. It yields a strong “Qi Feeling” in minutes..

Qigong is easy to do and learn

Our bodies are adaptongenic. We root into the Earth and our legs grow strong like tree trunks. magnetic energy fills our arms. The arteries pulse with greater vigor. From a scientific perspective... Qigong does what no other form of exercise can do. While remaining in a “calm focused and relaxed state” - the body is exercising. This allows blood and Qi to move through blockages that normally cannot be crossed.

Qigong differs from traditional forms of exercise for 1 primary reason: Qigong boosts muscle and strength, yet amazingly lowers cortisol. This cortisol hormone (also known as the “stress hormone”) is the enemy of longevity and breaks down muscle tissue creating inflammation in the body. Jogging and weight lifting actually accelerate the release of cortisol. Qigong enhances energy rather than depletes energy, For these reasons Qigong is a superior form of exercise and its healing power is well documented.

We believe Qigong is the most significant self-empowerment technique on Earth. It is based on the fundamental science of life. Regardless of a persons beliefs or cultural background, Qigong yields the same result - enhanced vitality, and a clearer relationship with the True Source of that energy. There is a miraculous universe of Qi within each and every human being. Qigong is the practice of becoming more intimately aware of the miraculous energy that sustains all of our lives.

In your private Qigong Sessions you will learn standing forms, strengthening exercises and breathing techniques to enhance your over all health and your life experience.

Group Classes available also.

Private Qigong Sessions: $45pr session

Please call for Group Sessions and Workshops

5 Element Energy Balancing

What is 5 Element Energy Balancing? 5 Element Energy Balancing is based on the ground breaking work of Dr. Tanya Storch and based on the ancient Chinese 5 Element System. Are you always on the go? Are you “to organized”? Are you always late? All of these things have a connection to the energies we use everyday. Through 5 Element Balancing you can learn what energies are “ruling” your life and how to manifest the ones you need more of, as well as learning how better to relate to the people in our lives by learning how our energies and personalities interact.

Basic 5 Element Session includes: Questionnaire, Analysis, and Explanation

Approx Time: 45min Cost: $40

Book: $25

Personal 5 Element Chart: $25 (please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery)

*Some treatments include applications of hot towels, stones, clay, or paraffin, some reddening of the

Skin may occur.

*When making an appointment please specify which service you would like. Some services require

Preparation of products or are time sensitive, please take note of this when making your appointment.

*If you are unable to make you appointment, the courtesy of 24hrs notice will be appreciated.

To schedule an appointment please call Corina at 253-677-6797. Thank you.