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Your Therapist

Corina Bailey-Morgan LMP/Qigong Instructor

I have been a Licensed Massage Practitioner in Washington State since 2007. I am also a First Degree Rieki practitioner, and have done a great deal of energy work over my lifetime. Prior to beginning my massage career I worked in the Emergency Medical Services field as an EMT and ER Tech for several years.

I have never found anything as energizing and stress relieving as practicing Qigong. Qigong has sharpened my focus, strengthened my body and relaxed my mind. I find that I am more positive in my everyday life and I have never slept better than I do now. I have learned more about myself and my potential as well as grown closer to my personal truth since beginning my study of Qigong. Combine with regular massage clients and students alike have found thier health and lives to be richer and more ballanced.

It is my fond hope that I can share this experience with you. Through practicing the forms and the breathing techniques your over all health and outlook will improve. Many Qigong practitioners experience a noticeable improvement in how they feel after their first lesson. Please come and join me on this journey, let me help you to realize your inner strength and potential.

Thank You.